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Client Testimonials

"I entered life coaching with some uncertainty about the direction I wanted to head in my career post-maternity leave. Deanna not only offered practical tools to develop sustainable goals for my future, she also patiently walked me through spiritual healing that helped me to re-engage with Jesus after a season of loss and confusion. I am full of hope for the future and am thankful for Deanna for her wisdom and encouragement."

- Adelle (Christian Life Coaching)

Where do I begin to speak of my experience with Deanna? I had zero expectations going into my sessions with her yet received so much grace, more love, and more compassion than I could have ever imagined. Deanna is so in tune with people. She listens so intently and trusts her instincts and heart to truly hear you. She is the embodiment of love, patience, wisdom and understanding…all wrapped up in a humble person that wants to serve. Deanna is able to go with the flow and trust the path of each session. I was almost brought to tears when she prayed for me at the beginning and end of each session. It is like she has a direct line to Jesus! She has this uncanny ability to open one’s heart to listen to God’s word…whether that be through a quote, a verse, a song lyric, or a visual image. Deanna helped me work through some difficult things and helped me find forgiveness…a shedding of guilt and shame that everyone deserves to feel. She reminded me over and over that “I am LOVED” by God and that I am enough just as I am today.

Deanna has a way of talking about faith that is non-invasive and welcoming. She definitely meets you where you are at and gently guides you down paths that eventually lead to more self awareness and love. She helped me reconnect to Jesus; to hear Him speak to me in my heart. Deanna is gentle, insightful, contemplative, and compassionate. I can’t imagine anyone not being a better person after working with her and being in her presence. She is a light that will illuminate your soul.

 - Michelle R. - Type 7



My experience working with Deanna for Enneagram coaching was amazing. It was a totally new subject for me, and Deanna really took the time to explain how the Enneagram works and after receiving my results, how it specifically pertained to me.

She has an amazing ability to listen behind what is just being said and is able to uncover the root of many thoughts and feelings. She is an amazing listener and asks really great questions that had me really pause and think “I never thought of it that way before.”

I felt 100% comfortable to be vulnerable and open up and share, a true testament to the safe space that Deanna provides. I never felt judged or worried about what she might think of what I said or how I felt. I loved the way Deanna would take time to pray with me, for me and over me during our sessions. The Christian component helped me to re-evaluate my relationship with God and to have a better/deeper relationship with Christ.

Understanding my Enneagram type has helped me individually to accept myself the way that I am, to understand ways I can grow, and to better understand/appreciate where others are coming from. It has been a truly life-changing experience.

 - Tara - Type 5

I started working with Capstone Freedom Coaching a few weeks ago. I will soon be going in to my 5th session and I can not wait. I have found these sessions to be invaluable in my own personal growth and progression to the next stages of life. They have unlocked parts of me that I have never met before and equally enabled me to close the door on unhealthy cycles and bring understanding and grace to areas of who I've been and where I've walked. I leave each session empowered in forward movement and growing deeper in my love for Jesus Christ and how He made me. If you are considering coaching, I would highly recommend Deanna Sudom, she is the safest person to redevelop the toughest spaces within yourself. Her wisdom rooted in Jesus, knowledge of the enneagram and simple love for seeing people overcome is astonishing. I am incredibly thankful.

- Han - Type 4

I really enjoyed my sessions with Deanna.  She listened thoughtfully and created a safe place for me to share my frustrations and struggles. She helped me to confront my fears as an enneagram 6 and walk through them to see they were imaginary barriers only existing in my mind. Her beautiful prayers calmed my anxious mind and helped me relax and be free in each session.

Thank you so much, Deanna!

- Michelle - Type 6

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