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Meet Deanna

Spiritual Director and Enneagram Life Coach


Welcome! I am Deanna, I love Jesus and I am thrilled you are here. I am the founder of Capstone Freedom Coaching birthed out of the freedom Jesus has given me and a foundation of faith. He is the real Capstone. 

I am married to Wade, my one and only,  and we have 3 grown children, I am blessed to be called a mama, grandma to 5 grandchildren, a mother-in-law, friend, sister, daughter and a bonus mama to many!  

I have helped many women over the years and I'm excited to be certified to coach even more. I'm passionate about helping my clients live in the love of God and move into their purpose, clearing the way for growth and healing in the process. 

I am fascinated by women in their beauty, intricacies, brokenness and resilience. I'm excited to sit with you through Christian Life Coaching,  asking you powerful questions to bring self-awareness, navigation of expectations and learning to live in the tension of the Christian life. I also coach through the tool of the Enneagram, a personality typing assessment that identifies your core motivations around your thinking, feeling and behaving.

I look forward to meeting with your heart and guiding you to the deep love of our Father. Please connect with me to see if we are a good match to work together towards your transformation.

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