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Christian Life Coaching

Individual Session 

  • Discovery session, including your spiritual gifts and core values (90 mins)

3 session mini package 

  • Discovery session, including your spiritual gifts and core values (90 mins)

  • + 2 one-hour coaching sessions

6 session package 

  • Discovery session, including your spiritual gifts and core values (90 mins)

  • + 5 one-hour coaching sessions

12 session package 

Christian Booklet

All packages include a free 30 minute pre-coaching session to determine compatibility.

Enneagram Coaching

Image by Danielle MacInnes


90 minute session - $150


Typing Session & Overview



2 hour session as a couple


Typing Session & Overview

Follow-up material for discussion

Image by Sven Scheuermeier

3 Sessions

3 one hour sessions - $300


Typing Session & Overview

Image by Helena Lopes


2 hour interactive presentation

Assessment for each participant 

2-10 participants

* Price dependant on # of participants

Image by Tim Swaan

6 Sessions

6 one hour sessions - 3 month pkg - $200/month


Typing Session & Overview


Test or survey that creates a detailed report indicating your core Enneagram style.

Typing Session & Overview

First coaching session reviewing the assessment, helping guide the discovery of your Enneagram type and an overview of the Enneagram.

Session 1


Assessment, Typing Session & Overview.

This is available for all packages.

Session 4

Wings & Alignment

Wings & Levels of Alignment with the Gospel.

Session 2

Paths & Arrows

General overview of your type. Exploring Paths & Arrors (where you go in Stress & Growth).

Session 5

Childhood Patterns

Childhood Patterns & Defensive Mechanisms.

Session 3


Triads & your hidden side or relationship issues with a gospel antidote.

Session 6

Grace & Growth

Implications of Grace and How you are loved and how you have grown.

SYMBIS (Saving your marriage before it starts)

Marital or Pre-Marital Sessions

Includes assessment and 5 one-hour sessions

$ 375

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